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I had the good fortune to be able to run a direct comparison among the following media with my 28 y/o daughter and her fiance':

I used my main system with a Sony SACD/CD player, Placette line stage, custom ultra-linear tube amp and Harbeth 40 speakers for the test. Analog was a Linn with Itok Arm and Grado cartridge.

I happened to have a recording in CD, SACD and Vinyl of a Stones album and my daughter had the same on her iPod in MP-3 format (CD Red Book is now available on iTunes).

My daughter and fiance' are NOT hifi folks... just your average casual listeners.

So, we have

CD Red Book

Simply put, they were astounded in the difference in sound quality among the media!! And to their profound amazement, the differences were not subtle... their rankings:

Vinyl...... SACD.... CD.... MP-3 Enough said.
Now that's what I'm talking about...
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