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Default Update from Maui on the UE10s

I am NOT having a good time with these headphones.

First off - there should be a law about paretns who fly babies in first class that allow them to CRY the whole way. Another way to look at things is - this would be a great place to test my new 25 dB down in-ear mnonitors. The new mold worked well. The left one was SO painful, I couldn't stand it.

1 hour into the flight, I went back to my broken Etimotyc Reserarch earphones.

Another thing that REALLY bugs me about the UE10's is the wires need to be draped off the back of your ears. The Etimotycs come stright out of the ear molds and I find them to be WAY more comfortable.

Note: Not everyone has the mold issues I do with my ears. You can stick many types on in-ear monitors right in and they work.
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