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I have to chime in on this issue as I have spent considerable time doing back-and-forth comparisons of CD vs. DVD-A/SACD and Vinyl. I think that I have a very good system and good ears - also, my wife, who has no vested interest in any format and would not consider herself to be an audiophile has been a good test subject as well. I have a dedicated McIntosh MVP871 for DVD-A/SACD playback, McIntosh MCD205 CD Player, McIntosh MDA1000 D/A Converter, McIntosh C2200 Preamp, McIntosh MC402 Amplifier, Roksan Xerxes Turntable with Shelter 901 Cartridge, Martin Logan Aeon-i Speakers. While I enjoy the sound of good DVD-A/SACD and CD, I prefer the sound of Vinyl. Obviously, the quality of the Vinyl, cleanliness and condition have to be taken into account (as with the other music formats as well), but there is just something organic and right about the sound of a good Vinyl playback system. My wife as well as numerous friends would also tell you that in A/B comparisons Vinyl sounds better. I know there is a lot of discussion on the merits of Digital vs. Vinyl and on which format is superior. For me, it all comes down to which format gets me closer to live music - and in that regard, Vinyl wins out. That said, I love music and have a considerable collection of DVD-A, SACD and CD titles as well as over 1,000 albums and listen to all formats on a regular basis, but when I do serious listening, I put an album on my VPI Typhoon Record Cleaner and spin Vinyl.
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