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Default Re: Are desktop speakers more imporant than your main speakers

How do you listen?


Eight to ten hours a day at the office and I listen most of the time that I am not on the phone, at a meeting, at lunch, or in the boys' room. My office rig is a MacBook Pro through a Scott Nixon USBTD DAC, a Luminous Audio Axiom passive preamp (for volume control), NHT M-00's, and pointlessly expensive cabling and power conditioning. It's kind of an "in your face" sound because, well, it IS in your face, so it's not remotely realistic or even a preferred vantage point for listening, but it's not fatiguing and it works nicely at the low volumes at which I have to play things. Most of my source stuff is legal downloads of MP3s and AACs from iTunes, eMusic,, and artist and label sites. Of course, it does not compare to my home rig (which does not compare to YOUR home rig), but it gets me through the day.
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