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Talking Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
I have heard this before...I have also done extensive testing (both double blind and with professional equipment) to disprove/dispel these myths.

Nothing more than smoke and mirrors or snake oil.
Great that you, apparently alone, actually tookk the trouble to test properly. That method is the ONLY reason we advanced from the Dark Ages, where the darkness retreated when the discoveries of real truth vs the spread of opinons provided the Enlightenment which is still enlightening those of us who persevere.
Yes, I would love to sit in on those board rooms where they come up with the coolest sounding names and the descriptive wording to impress would be suckers that there is something in the "ether" that justifies getting ripped off.
I cannot respect that kind of merchandising nor can I respect spreading the BS any more than I respect the dogma of old ways of thinking, forming opinions without finding out for oneself or even express doubt or healthy skepticism.
I trust you put the money you saved where it is actually much better served, such as speakers.
Dave Ladely
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