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Default Re: The #1 seller of Flat Panel HDTVs in the U.S. is now VIZIO

This news does not surprise me. While not absolute reference grade displays they are solid and a tremendous value. The nice thing about Vizio is that with each new display the quality of the picture gets better and better. It wouldn't surprise me if in a couple of years (or months even) Vizio begins to compete head to head with the best of the best yet still manage to sell them at prices that even my kid brother can afford. While I don't use a Vizio for my reference viewing (those duties fall to my Sony Pearl projector) I do have a Vizio display in every room of my house and couldn't be happier. I've owned and reviewed displays from Plasma to LCD that do more here and there but none in terms of, ease of use, overall performance and price have been as complete as Vizio's TV's. Congrats to Vizio on a job well done.
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