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I think much depends on the kind of setup-as I said before my new cartridge did a lot to tell the two media apart.
Of course when you compare you should always start from the same master tape- gone LP and then gone CD. And of course you should start from a good recording. For instance Beethoven on DG is just the same on LPs and CDs.
But when I listen to Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert on both CD and LP I hear a world of difference: not simply saying one is better than the other, but an awful lot of information coming out of the LP which has disappeared on CD: you can tell the micro is inside the piano, since you can hear all the long term resonances, you can hear the ringing of the little chords,...all things are not there on CD.
And with the right cartridge you can year at the beginning two people speaking-and also tell one is a man and another a woman.
Nothing on CD.
So maybe with another cartridge-phonepre or setup you could have heard all the differences (with the right recordings I have to repeat).
The moral again is: for many people the difference is not important or not there...but 10% of times there's a world of difference...and all the fun is there.
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