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Originally Posted by lisa.royal81 View Post
I've been hearing and seeing a lot about these new LED TV models from Samsung. How are these different from LCD and plasma flat panel HDTV televisions?
Is it really a "new species of TV" as they are claiming? And how does this relate to OLED TVs?
Are they the same thing?
Hi Lisa:

The Samsung LED TV is actually an LCD display with an LED illumination system versus the prior method that uses a miniature fluorescent tube. The brightness and color content is different between the two illumination sources and this is carried through to the displays. An attempt to improve the relatively poor contrast of LCD displays is incorporated in later versions by controlling the brightness of groups of the LEDs, something not possible with a single fluorescent tube.

OLED displays use a matirx of timy Organic compound LEDs as the display, rather than as an illuminator for an LCD. I have not seen any large format OLED displays yet, and the displays I have seen are very good, and very expensive. I have observed that the vendors are hard at work trying to overcome the reliability problems, and bring the costs down of this technology.

Plasma displays use electrical discharges though a gas filled tube, and use phosphors essentially identical to those used in conventional CRT displays to produce light.
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