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Lightbulb Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
I personally HAVE done many double blind tests as well as testing cables with professional testing equipment hence my previous statement "Anyone who spends more for cables than you can get from is simply fooling themselves."
The history of man and woman is rife with far more examples of people being able to fool themselves, and others, than examples of people making use of their mind's abilities to separate truth from fable, much less searches for truth. Searches for truth involve more than just listening to self appointed authorities, and that is one of the problems, and was the major reason that the Dark Ages lasted so long. Only when a few people decided to "go against the flow" of the prevailing beliefs and methods of arriving at these beliefs, which they evidently sincerely believe, did the Dark Ages begin to see the light, later called the "Enlightenment". But we see here that the Dark Age methods of arriving at conclusions persist to this day, and are even espoused by "true believers" who, like those Dark Age "thinkers" before them, feel threatened by contradiction and doubly threatened by scientific analysis, including double blind testing. As in the Dark Ages, some even attack scientific methods because they felt comfortable with their myths and fallacies and want the cloak themselves with them. They feel they are accumulating knowledge by listening to fools and self appointed authorities, but how can one claim they have learned and gained knowledge when what they really have learned is the opinions of others? And by their reliance on subjective thinking and being influenced, however consciously or subconsciously or subliminally, by the well known power of suggestion, they have successfully deluded themselves and then proceed to spread the ignorance while claiming to spread knowledge.

This so-called "difference of opinion" among those who espouse expensive cables (including those with mythological names, how apt!) over reasonably price cables, is, again, the war against the using reliable methods for determining truth and facts vs. time honored Dark Ages methodology of relying entirely upon opinions derived from other opinions, from subjective thinking, from bias, from myths, trust of self appointed authorities, mentors, all of which provide a conclusion which may feel satisfying, but which lacks the foundation of truth.

I see no one has taken me up on my dare to conduct a simple double blind test of their assumptions and true beliefs, though one person says he actually did in the past and, after listening under double blind controls, wound up buying very reasonably priced cables. From monoprice, the very source the professonals referred me to as their favored supplier for even multimillion dollar installations. Smart audiophile, and wise, too for not falling for the promotional tricks.

By the way, com is the choice of supply of cables and related items by several professionals I have spoken with. So, that makes it very simple to conduct a double blind test, merely buy a couple of monoprice's cables, gather a few of those fancy, expensive cables, maybe even one or two that the promoters and marketers have attached cool sounding mythological names to, and arrange a simple double blind test, perhaps similar to that conducted on the expensive vodkas, including a couple with cool sounding names vs. reasonably priced vodkas. Hey, I have done half the work for you already!
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