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Thumbs up Re: Why Receivers are a good thing for HT

Andrew, I mostly agree with you. Though, I`ve always believed in separates. Because its one component, no trade offs in quality like receivers. (Tuner, preamp, and amplifier) in one chasis. However, the reviews on Bob Carver`s Sunfire receiver have been great. Excellent power (the most I believe), great preamp, excellent switching.

Everyone seems to love all of the Denon receivers. And yes, all the switching is there, even room correction. Simplicity, sometimes is better, if it can bring you to the desired goal. Watching movies, listening to music, or both. I think this is the one area where the high end community can take advantage and possibly gain some momentum. But will they?

Receivers are very good, as long as people like Meridian, Sunfire, and Denon continue to make a quality product.
But will they?
See my young experience in Can AV sell to Generation Y?
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