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Default "rediscovering vinyl, not giving up my SACD & DVD-A disks"

thats wise. i didnt dump my vinyl when cd came in, it didnt suddenly sound bad. my first cd was brothers in arms and i loved it but when i put on my 99cent copy of the same, it was a jaw-dropping surprise. the vinyl sounded better and i didnt have any presupposed conclusions either. i didnt know WHAT to expect.

i have somewhere aroung 6k pieces of vinyl, a couple thousand CDs, and maybe a hundred SACDs. i am NOT giving any of them up. its all about the music, not so much the format.

the nice thing is that sacd players mostly upsample and rbcd sounds VERY good on them. that made my cd collection much more valuable to me. i seriously doubt that i will go to downloads with a server nor digitizing my vinyl. i will continue to enjoy my music in whatever form i acquire it in.
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