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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it without HDMI & DTS-HD

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
If you look at my signature you would see that I own both Anthem and Integra equipment. You might be surprised if you did some A/B comparisons. My DTR 9.9 is a fully capable receiver and performs as well as any out there. Is it the same class as the Anthem, probably not but it's preamp brother gets quite close.

See review here -
I do remember that review. (Is your real name Tom? )
BTW, which one of your speakers is this currently driving?

The review's point on price vs performance is well made.
Especially when you can pick up a Onkyo PR-SC886 (pre-amp section of the 9.9 no?) for about $1000 direct from Onkyo.
(referb of course, but I have no issues going this route direct from the manufacturer)

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