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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it without HDMI & DTS-HD

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
Integra makes some fine equipment whether you like Onkyo or not.
They are the same company, but they are not generally considered high end.
(maybe the DHC-9.9 starts to tread these waters but is it really of better SQ than say a Athem D2? and do they both really compare to say a Meridian 861?)
Nothing personally against Onkyo (actually owned Onkyo gear and its good for what it does) but once you get some real nice speakers the limitations come out quickly.
Same is true for most AVRs. (you more than most here should know this. )

Someone starts out with an Onkyo AVR and Polk speakers. (very popular budget combination).
Sounds fine until the user gets intrigued with a set of Maggie MMGs for $500.
Hooks up MMGs to the Onkyo and thinks, "what is the big deal on these lifeless no bass speakers"
(Unknowing that the issue might be that most AVRs don't do very well with a mostly resistive 4 ohm load due to the design constraints of a buget AVR)
Yet continues to read about how great they are for the $$$ on the web.

Now if the user had some separates instead of the AVR, his opinion might mirror more closely those he reads about on respected web sites.

There are always exceptions to be found, but usually not at the budget level. (~>$1000 retail. ...and who pays retail? )

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