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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
Signal transfer at video, and especially audio, frequencies is quite a simple matter, since signals of those frequencies are not affected by factors which can affect signals in cables at much higher frequencies, and this is is known to engineers. To imply that "signal transfer" of differing cables varies among the cables has never been proven or demonstrated to be true except under subjective conditions usually compounded by the power of suggestion. I have difficulty in respecting subjective opinions masquerading as truely objective opinions, however well intentioned. All it really does is perpetuate ignorance and line the pockets of those promoting super expensive cables.

This method of promoting has been with humans from the era of witch doctors, to those who said the sun orbited the earth, to patent medicines, and today's fad diets and fake health claims. Subjective opinion were the bulwark of the Dark Ages, and the opinions and utterances of those that claimed the sun orbited the earth were respected and generally believed. Anyone who contradicted such opinions were, in the Dark Ages, were few and were considered heretics. In the high end audio world, those who cast doubt upon the claims about high end cables are similarly viewed as heretics, since the promotion has near religious overtones.
Only very careful observation and experimentation was eventually able to prove that the earth orbited the sun. Only true and rigorous observation, experimentation, and, perhaps the most important, double blind testing, can yield factual truth about such devices as cables. Everytime there has been a doiuble blind test of a variety of high end cables, including moderate priced cables in the test, the results of the test demonstated that those who listened could not reliably hear any diference in sound of the cables.
However, that does not mean this will have any effect on true believers, anymore than Muslims can be convinced that there are not 67 virgins in heaven waiting for each man who dies. In fact, these Muslims demand respect of this belief and spread it to others of their faith. Sound familiar?
I viewed a double blind test of vodkas not long ago, which included some super expensive vodkas. One man asserted that Grey Goose was the best and that he would not drink lesser brands. After the testing was done, it turned out that he had actually placed Grey Goose at the very bottom during the test! So much for subjective thinkiing and opinions. People who relied on and adopted subjective opinions were instrumental in preserving and extending the Dark Ages.

In a recent double blind test of speaker wires, a set comprised of coat hangers welded together did just as well among the test group as did expensive speaker cables.
So, as I did before, I double dare any proponent of very expensive cables to undergo double blind testing with an array of diferent cables, including moderate priced cables. Double blind testing separates the "men from the boys" and those spreading ignorant opinions and subjective thinking, including notriously non credible testimonials from those who are actually interested in objective means of learning the truth rather than go the easy way of asking self appointed "authorities".

I have discussed this with my old friend, Bob Carver, founder of Sunfire, Carver Corp, and Phase Linear, a graduat in physics, who has some insight and knowledge of this matter, and he also supports the results of the numeroous double blind testing
which has univerally exposed the cable mythology. I would like to hear that another scientifically controlled double blind test has been conducted by some of those who subscribe to this forum. Enough of Dick Cheney type thinking and opinions. The Dark Ages should stay dead, not be resuscitated by emotional, subjective opinions!
Dave Ladely
Well said!
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