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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
There is a difference between what you describe as dynamics, I guess, and dynamic range. Dynamic range would be the difference between the lowest sound level possible and the highest sound level possible. Listening to a passage on the two technologies can not measure this. Real world listening tests are going to lead to a subjective, not measured, conclusion.

Many CDs are compressed for recording due to the great number of user and broadcast equipment that really can't handle much more than what a LP can produce. To really know what is going on with your tests, one would need to know how the source was recorded. It may not contain the dynamic range.
I agree: my tests were not real nice measurements, just intended to convey a feeling; and I also agree that many sources have a lot of compression (not only on CDs but on LPs as well), so comparisons are not exploring all the possibilities of the two media. And also so many parameters change from my setup to yours that a real comparison would be almost impossible. Just speaking of my personal setup: at leat 30% of my 'impression' of great dynamics has been given by the new cartridge (Transfiguration Esprit after a VandenHul Mc2). With the old one I wouldn't have been so convinced.
But then we all should agree that many times (most for some, sometimes for others), with our real world music and setups, vinyl simply sounds better than CD.
Yes, CD is simpler, easier, and even (sometimes) more affordable: but you have also to think about one simple thing: how many LPs have been produced? Once I read it was one or two orders of magnitude greater than CDs (that is, 10-100 to 1): so your only chance to get that rare recording (say: Couperin for harpsichord played by Scott Ross, or the Little Town Old Boys Chorus singing Christmas carols-with you inside) could be only on LP; not to speak of price: yes, new ones are expensive, but I get wonderful editions for 5$ each just going downtown in a second hand shop.
My personal feeling is: when I want easygoing I go CD, when I get audiophile I go LP. It's the only one that really (sometimes) gives me the illusion of beeing there.
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