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Cool Re: CD vs Vinyl

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
They are using real world recordings. Recordings that may not take full advantage of either technology or one or the other. They do say the technical dynamic range of CD is better. Even though recordings may not take advantage of this. My statement was about the medium not necessarily real world. I'm sure if other LPs and CDs were used the outcomes would have been different.

But we can agree to disagree.
Well, I think we are beginning to agree-or at least to get to the point: that is, in real world good LPs have better dynamics; most of times; with a good source and a good turntable/cartridge...and for me the most important test for music is listening-in real world. Today I made a very rough comparison with my sound level meter (B&K) between a CD and a comparable (somehow) LP (Beethoven 3rd on original instruments, with 2 different directors and levels around an average of 80dBs at 3m (a very approximate measure)): they both had a peak dynamics in strong passages of around 27 dB, with a slight advantage for CD (28 against 26). But the LP was a bit more clear and definite-so the overall impression was in favour of the LP.
This is I think an important point regarding dynamics and quality: if you have a strong piano passage you not only have a huge difference in pressure, but also a lot of harmonics coming out from everywhere: if they are clean and full (like in a good LP-listen to the Koln Concert, part 2)) the overall impression is much much better than a CD with muddied or cutoff harmonics (listen to the same on CD: nice, but flattened).
Final point: I can't buy a universal statement like delColliano's in another thread that LPs, on any turntable, have much less dynamics than CDs: I don't think it's true-in a real world. I could accept something with the full W(hat)W(here)H(ow) specifications: this CD against that Lp with that Cartridge/turntable, those I could check. This is the whole point: check-with your ears.
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