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Sorry, I don't agree: dynamics is the difference between minimum and maximum values; and minimum has a lot to do with noise floor-while it's true that LP's use(d) to have lower maxima, but...actually LPs get better 'real' dynamics: and for real I mean not simply the fact that you may output 124 dbs (once in your life...) but usually you don't listen to more than 50dbs of difference; but also the difference between avarage and peak levels in any given piece: and LP's are better in this.
You may find some measures on <>, and I agree with their considerations...
But my real point is: the quality difference (dynamics included) is there to hear: just listen side by side;
so I would say: take any CD edition of Beethoven 5th, take the Tacet Lp of the same, and listen-intercalating the two.
When I did it I really was astonished, since I believed all the hype about CDs: so it would be nice to hear some comment on actual comparisons.

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