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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
First, welcome to the forum.

Not sure what is meant by and the real dynamics. The potential dynamic range of CDs is considerably better than LPs even though it is rarely used. But maybe you meant something else.
Yes, on paper CDs have more dynamics, most part going down because of lower noise floor; but if you get a modern/well recorded/pressed LP and a good prepre you have a comparable noisefloor (what reviewers call a 'black background'). Moreover there are two subjective components: microdynamics (you have more details at the lower end, so you feel like having also more macrodynamics) and more detailed transients: so going from a ppp to an fff on LPs you feel more dynamics. That's my impression, with my loudspeakers (but I didn't do any real measurement with my phonometer since I have to adjust the level by hand to compare-so it's not a real comparison); moreover a well recorded modern LP (let's say Beethoven 5th on Tacet) has much more high level dynamics than old LPs that were used to compare dynamics (remember they used to compress high dynamics because it used up too much space-DG was terrible for that).
The best recording medium is still master tape: for some time I worked for the Swiss Broadcasting co., and once I recorded with a very simple machine a concert by Leonhardt; one year later he recorded with a major, but my original recording was way better: just because there were just two mikes-nothing else-against 4 mikes, recording console, mixer,...every passage some information going away. That's the same with LPs against CDs: Cds have much less information-that is, more distortion (it may come as a surprise from such a rough mechanical system, but you can listen to it!). Of course it depends on your system, the way you listen, and so on-but you have to give it a try.

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