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Default Re: I just got the new Mark Levinson 512

I am not at all surprised to hear about your litany of problems.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Levinson, Revel & Proceed ownership experiences when the Madrigal Group was in charge,. After Harmon took over, I purchased an MC-12B due to persisting problems with my AVP2+. I was continually promised that operating problems that plagued both the AVP and PMDT would be resolved. While the AVP was eventually made operable, they simply walked away from the failed PMDT with abolutely no path to anything.

I considered additional Levinson products, but after being abandoned following promises to make things right, I have zero confidence in HSG's business ehtics and integrity.

I will not further darken HSG's door.

Classé, Meridian and other high end companies are much better alternatives.

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