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I grew up LP (listeningto my Dad's LP's and using his stereo (he even had a 2 track tape reel to reel, some cool microphones and we made some fun stuff and recorded King Biscuit Flower Hour (tape was still easy to get and while it was FM to tape those concerts were so cool. He updated some and added a cassette (I had a 8 track player and a local air conditioning shop (for some reason) sold bootlegs for about 2 dollars and I found Led Zeppelin that way, then with my meager AM-FM with 8 track it had a option for a turntable and my LP collection started, I delivered newspapers and LP's did not cost that much and when ever I could I bought the latest Rock LP's and wandered in to progressive rock (Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Mike Oldfield) but Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were my favorites and I still have most of my LP's (even to the point of U2) before changing to CD's (with a brief period of Cassettes (I view CD's as good for car listening but more often than not tune in college radio or NPR, I only gave away (most) of my Neil Young LP's (and it was a not well thought ot settlement deal as I paid for them and several are even out of print on CD and one was only released on LP, material things is the way I view them, though I keep a eye out for them at sales, online and a local LP shop(new and used) that also sells CD's and video games but has quite a following for LP's (Time Traveler in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio) cool shop and worth a plug for them, I doubt any one will 100% agree on format but (IMO) vinyl has that vibe especially with live music, once its to CD (that perfect Pro-tools no mistakes, never out of tune mentality took over and MP3's are further sound compressed and more sterile though nano technolgy I must admit is very cool and you can store alot of music on one of large Ipod (classic's) where the nano ones have less (but still huge) well all for now, my wife bought me a turntable, gosh over 15+ years ago, pieced a stereo together piece by piece as we were just starting out and kids and house payments came first, She had a all in one stereo(with 8 track too) and a turntable, and we added a CD player, then a AM-FM tuner and speakers, a dual cassette, then the magic turn table
(we hooked it all up in the Living room and had 4 speakers 2 front and 2 rear (cool with VHS tapes) now the stereo is in the basement and our kids dicovered our LP's and like them! we bought a DVD-R and a pair of Sennheiser Headphones for TV listening and movie watching and are doing just fine! Long Live The LP and I am so glad to get emails from shops selling new band releases on 180 gram vinyl!
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