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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it without HDMI & DTS-HD

Originally Posted by Mitchell Erblich View Post
ok, The better video procs are 14bit, Oppo 12 bit. The better SACDs and CDs have XLR connections, the Oppo doesn't. The S1 has a glass lens, does the Oppo? Oh, I don't know why but a friend with a '83 Beta showed jaggies with the first Animusic DVD. So, as a universal player to replace my Krell's (I question that the audio from a CD on the oppo 83 is equal to a 250/2 Krell) and the S1 (refurb price $300), the Beta Oppo BD-83 doesn't make the cut. This is also seeing / hearing other players that also haven't shipped (vaporware), but seem almost revolutionary that they are great in what they do. At the price of the Oppo it seems like a above budget price (budget $50 to $250), but doesn't meet spec or have the rep of Leviinson, Denon, Krell, or top of the line Sony. and thus does not compete at the higher level. If it was out of Beta, played tracks with repeats, no jaggies, etc (see comments of early access sompleplace else). Does anyone believe that the audio is equal to a Krell Evol CD player?
Come on now... don't burst my bubble. A Krell, I would sure hope a CD player selling for $8,000 would sound just a little bit better.

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