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Default Toshiba HD-A20 Review:Correction


It has come to my attention from a few readers that there is a misstatement, made by me, in this month's review of Toshiba's HD-A20 HD DVD player.

The error in question is as follows...

"At $499 retail, the HD-A20 is now the most economic way to score true 1080p content for your home theater set-up, undercutting even the cheapest Blu-ray players by over $300."

With the release of Sony's latest Blu-ray player which retails for $499 the previous statement is obviously no longer accurate. However, at and during the time I spent reviewing the HD-A20 Sony had yet to release their new player. In fact, during our own internal fact checking no such player from Sony had been released. While, I knew Sony's player was "coming soon" I had not received a firm release date nor a final price. So the review published "as is" earlier this month. Since then, Sony's player has released and will be reviewed soon in

I just wanted to clear the air and to apologize for any confusion or frustration. With technology changing so rapidly myself and everyone at does their best to stay current and accurate however, sometimes we can be the victims of bad timing. Or good timing if you were waiting for a cheaper Blu-ray player.

While I have not yet spent quality time with Sony's latest offering I'm sure it rivals the Toshiba HD-A20 in many respects, however, I stand by my statement that the Toshiba HD-A20 may be the best next gen 1080p source out there today.

Thanks and I'm sorry once again.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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