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Default Re: Where can I buy furniture at a decent price?

I couldn't find cabinets that were deep or wide enough for my components, and the racks never really passed the wife test. Even when I found some acceptable black and glass racks, they were not deep enough.

If you are buying cabinetry or racks, consider these before you buy:
* Figure at least 4 to 6 inches beyond your component depth just for the cables.
* Many cabinets are too shallow, and come with a cheap 1/8 inch plywood backing which you have to cut into for cabling.
* Once you do you weaken the structure - the backing keeps it from wracking (flexing off-square)
* Don't underestimate how much heat the components generate - a closed cabinet may do more harm than good.
* if it is closed in, put some wheels under it so you can access cables from the back - once you load a cabinet with several components, it may weigh hundreds of lbs and no longer slides easily
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