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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it without HDMI & DTS-HD

Ok, I am on TOTALLY different track. I have been to a few movie studios and to this day, find some of the simple "SOUND EFFECTS" to be false. If you have a "false" sound and you reproduce it 100% faithfully, then you still are just getting back the false sound. Second, IMO, SACDs by their very nature of dealing with only audio, IMO has/had a better technology to generate cleaner and a more accurate sound wave than DD or DTS. However, I do believe that "movie sound" has improved and that some products can produce a better sound with DTS than a regular CD. So, getting back to the orig theme, if we are talking about the Dark Night or IRonman, or Star Trek, or we care for the improved sound versus if we have a test version of Les Mes or Phantom or Sweeny Todd or ... then I wouldn't buy an Oppo. My current hi-end setup starts with a Sony S1, to a Kuro, to Infinity Betas with Krell MRSs, Krell FPB 250Ms, VTL MB 450s, etc...
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