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Default Re: $1,000 in-ear headphones? Have I lost my mind....

Yea, I know all about "immovable objects".
I've gotten real good at replacing a arms my self!

My Revo has it's original 2.5R, I have been thinking about dropping in a big block but on the short tight tracks I run it on the 2.5R seems to work well.
My sprint car has the same engine in it, this simplifies the spares problem & if I'm at a race & blow the engine I could just drop in the Revo engine & keep on running.

That being said I will probably go with the 3.3 for both when it is time to replace the current engines.
Being "stock" engines there isn't really a huge difference between the 2 engines & more torque is always a good thing!

Rock crawling looks like a lot of fun, they are some wicked looking cars that seem to be able to climb walls!

These things are just one reason I won't give Jerry a hard time about his earphones.
I know I easily have $1000 in my sprint car alone!
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