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Default Re: Dialog Intelligibility

Thanks for the idea, I looked in to getting the matching center channel for my front speakers and how I might integrate it in to my system and might give that a try. As a temporary solution I'll try running my TV speaker as the center and see what that does. Thanks for the suggestion.

Speaking of center channels, in order to integrate it in to my set-up I was looking at those mounts that work above the TV but was having trouble getting much info. For instance, I was looking at an OmniMount shelf (CCH1P) which says it will mount on an LCD and can hold the weight of the matching center but I can't figure out how it attaches to my thin LCD panel - I can see it working on a DLP or rear-projector but can't make out how it would work with LCD. Does anyone have any experience using something like this with a flat-panel TV?

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