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Default New Receiver not decoding via HDMI

Hey all,

I've been lurking and learning on the forums for a while, and now I have a problem.

After spending many hours on the forums, I decided to purchase a Yamaha HTR-6250 receiver, it's identical to the RX-V565.

The problem I have is that it will not "see" anything in the signal from HDMI except 2 channel audio. If I check the signal info for any HDMI input, it always ways 2 channel 48k sampling.

I have a Samsung BD-P1600, Dish HD DVR, and Xbox 360 all connected via HDMI. I've tried them all, BD disc, HD-DVD disc, and HD content on dish. The signal info is always the same, 2 channel, 48k sampling.

While troubleshooting, I connected the BD player via fiber and magically the receiver is showing 5 channel 96k sampling. I assume the same would be true for the Xbox and the Dish DVR if I connected them with fiber as well.

So, my question is...What's going on? Could it be my HDMI cables?

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