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Default Dialog Intelligibility

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing a problem with dialog intelligibility with Blu-Ray releases. I find that I have to really crank the volume to make out most movie's dialog but then get blasted away during action sequences. I don't have a similar problem while watching TV (though my guess is most stations compress the audio so you don't have that wide a dynamic range).

I'm running an Integra DTC-9.8 preamp through an Arcam amp (have also used an Anthem amp) to PSB Imagine B speakers. I currently don't have a center channel as it is a small space and no real good place to put one - I do have the preamp set to mix the dialog in with the left and right front speakers (which are bi-amped). I noticed a similar problem when I did have a center channel speaker back when I was running the same electronics with Vienna Acoustic Beethoven with Maestro Center - and I even set the center speaker level higher than the other channels to try and help with it!

Any suggestions?

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