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Default Re: Dish Network new USB 2.0 option

I just orderedthe latest DirecTV HD-DVR receiver. Having no previous experience with this reciever I was wondering if it even has a USB port and if so does it appear likely that DirecTV will follow suit?

On a side note I realize that $39 is not a lot of jack for something that will dramatically increase the functionality of a HD-DVR...However, I feel that it should be provided as a perk to those who have already paid for the content and delivery plus the monthly dvr subscription fee. It's just another way that subscribers are "nickled and dimed". I guess I should be glad it's a one time instead of reoccuring one!

This is a step in the right direction: giving the consumer more of the rights that are really already legally his anyway. The pendalum swung too far the other way and it's only fair that it now starts to swing toward the consumer. The paying consumer is not the enemy and I have, for one, been greatly inconvenienced by the blanket treatment of all users as potential theifs!
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