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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
That may be true for most people, but as more of the original recordings go to digital, analog becomes less effective.
Well it is true that if the LP is not kept in good shape, or you listening on some cheap turntable, or a bad Stylus. But if your listening on good equipment, and a good Stylus through good equipment then there is no comparison.

IF you listen to an SACD through a cheap player, it will blow away a CD through a good player, or a DVD-AUDIO will blow away a CD.

Example at the CES show Esoteric had a CD set up to try to get it to sound good like an LP they had the player hooked in to Two DAC's one for each chanel, and then Two clocks to correct the zero, and ones. This was about a $60,000.00 set up, just to make a CD sound good. That didn't incude the amps, or speakers.

Now I can take a Clearaudio turntable, of which I have one, and put it through a very good Tube Amp. with their high end stylus and get as good a sound.
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