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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
I have yet to see any power conditioner enhance output on digital displays.
Richard Gray's salesmen have been making this claim for years, too, and I don't believe them either.
If you want enhanced display output, an addition of a video processor in your system is the only thing I've seen make a difference, and, if you have a good digital display, the difference is so minute it's not worth the extra $1k+ to add a video processor.
I switched from Richard Gray to PurePower - but the goal in using RGPC was protection, not chasing sales claims about esoteric visual improvements. I went to PurePower mostly for protection from brown-outs, regeneration and the battery back-up for my 65" Mit DLP - the fan needs to keep running after you shut down the TV to cool the lamp, and if it doesn't, it can shorten the lamp life. At $300 per, that's a worthy goal.

I think we've seen too much reaction that has been colored bythe thread title - PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV System - which is salesy and over the top, and the ensuing debate has focused on that rather than the experiences of folks who use the equipment.

From my (layman's) perspective - although I did not buy it for this reason, I see definite (not placebo or kool-aid) video improvement from my previous set-up, which had the TV connected through an APS battery back-up/surge protector made for computers. It was not optimal, but afforded some protection for the lamp. Now, before you focus on the battery back-up as the sole cause of my speckled gray-blacks, it was the same before I used any battery back-up - with or without RGPC in the circuit. Insufficient power never entereed into the picture (pun not intended) - the home theater has always been powered by THREE brand-new, dedicated 20 amp circuits, the whole house is just 12 years old, and on a major power trunk of Florida Power and Light - we're on the same trunk as the hospital, always come back first after outage or hurricane.

We got sidetracked on the theme of the thread title - no one is saying to buy these for video improvement. My original post only noted that my customer service experience (remember that? The catalyst for the thread?) wasn't negative, and as an aside I noted an opinion that use of the equipment improved the picture quality. It's not a plug for the vendor, but sharing experiences with the group.
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