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Default Re: $1,000 in-ear headphones? Have I lost my mind....


I got into R/C cars a couple years back, haven't taken the plunge into planes yet for just that 'one crash' reason. I have a T-Maxx 2.5R and Jato 2.5, I plan to add a rock crawler to it, but haven't picked the chassis yet, maybe the new HPI Wheelie King 4x4 or the Axial Racing AX10 Scorpion....

Welcome to RCP Crawlers

Moose, does your Revo have the 2.5R or 3.3 motor?? I have trashed the motor in my T-Maxx and have toyed with going to a 3.3 and dropping the gearing for more torque but am afraid it would be a little to fast for the abuse I give it.... Though, as long as I keep it away from immobile objects, it seems amazingly durable. I had a guy shooting pictures in the park I play in with them and he caught me with the truck ~ 5 feet in the air, it bounced, landed on it's feet and kept running! A quick spazz move and a 10 foot run into a metal pole and I was replacing the front swing arms on the right side! (fortunately I learned to always keep some extras around, saves the trip to the LHS!)
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