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Low surface noise is not a problem for me.An occasional snap,crackle,pop isn't so bad.But some LPs were reproduced like crap.I remember when I got my Songs To The Key Of Life lp.It has continuous raspy noise throughout both disks.Its infuriating and I've only listened to this marvelous album a handful of times.But in truth,if you can't stand an occasional click I don't see how you can stand to listen to live music.A rock concert has boisterous people yelling,screaming and singing off key.A jazz club has people talking,glasses clinking,etc. Even classical venues has the guy with the flu coughing,a mom shushing her bored kids,the snob telling his date why the soloist is playing the piece the wrong way.Yet I pretty much ignore it all.I try to do the same with vinyl.But admittedly sometimes the noise just gets too much in the way.
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