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Default Re: Does anyone use Marantz or Prontos anymore?


I reviewed the Harmony 1000 in this months issue of, it's an amazing remote. FWIW I use it in my bedroom and use an 890 (the 880 with RF capabilities) in my reference rig, I like the hard buttons better for a complicated system that is in a darker room, especially when it comes to transport buttons. With the 1000 you need to look at the screen. I have ameliorated this by using the lowest two hard buttons for FF and Play for my DVR, this gets me through 90% of the time in scanning.

Either way you go, if your components aren't in an easy line of sight, the RF extender is AWESOME!!! But with the 1000 you must buy it separately, the 890 includes it. I also have an 880 and 659, they are all excellent remotes and easy to program. My 1000 stopped working due to a software issue, but while it was down I simply added the 890 to my account and had it controlling the bedroom in under five minutes!

I would also encourage you to check Amazon, I beleive they are the cheapesty for these remotes.
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