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Default Is Blu-Ray worth it without HDMI & DTS-HD

Inspired by this thread - Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma? My interest is in the new Oppo.

My AV is a Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi and doesn't have HDMI connections. The AV doesn't have the latest DTS-HD or True HD decoders. My TV, is a Samsung DLP, 46" and doesn't have HDMI. From a Blu-Ray player I would connect the video to the TV using a HDMI to DVI adapter as I do now with the DirecTV hookup. I would connect the audio from the Blu-Ray to the AV with an optical cable.

My question is will I get better quality sound having the Blu-Ray with that hook up and using direct stream DTS or DDII?

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