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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

Originally Posted by DMD123 View Post
From what I gather, it is your opinion that this product has no benefit at all? Many of us do see the benefit of this product.

Why is it that late night music listening is better than other times? Can there actually be variance in power? Yes, this can be proven with a simple volt meter in many homes. I for one like the fact that I have steady voltage at all times.

Electricity is the fuel for your system. Sure a car can run on regular, but if it is meant to run on premium; will you notice a difference? Maybe not around town, but open that thing up to get on the freeway or go up hills and your car sputters and pings. Same principle with the electrical power supply for your gear.

One benefit I saw immediately to my system was when a high draw item in our house kicked on (A/C, fridge). Before i used the PurePower unit I could see just a brief blink of voltage drop in picture and a little sound hiccup. I no longer have this problem. These are real world facts that I have seen in my system. Some places may have better regulated power so this may not be an issue. But for me it has been a benefit. This is not some imagined benefit, i see it with my own eyes.

I'm sorry you feel I am in attack mode. I'm not. I apparently have a passion for the product, that makes me want to defend it. I know that you have your feelings on it, and I respect that, but please dont come at us with no facts of your own. If you saw no benefit why not tell us what you did for testing that made you come to this conclusion. We would welcome facts from a engineer/scientist viewpoint.
Of course there is a benefit of having a power conditioner, I wouldn't run a home theater or computer system without one. Now with that being said, the validity of the claims of better video ( improvement in video quality, better blacks etc.) are where there is much doubt and I have not found that to be the case in any of my extensive testing.
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