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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

I don't want to put words in Loves mouth, er post, but I don't think he is saying a power conditioner is useless. It seems to me he is questioning the addition of a power conditioner being able to improve image quality on HDTVs. While getting rid of momentary glitches described would be an improvement to image quality, I don't think that is what was implied. Better blacks, more vibrant colors? That seems to be the thrust of his skepticism to me.

There was a time back when most all people had CRT based TVs and/or projectors that a good power conditioner could indeed improve image quality on TVs that were excellent in every way except their power supplies. Many, if not most, audio equipment would also be definitely improved with a good power conditioner. They almost always would be better served with regeneration power conditioners. But these are mostly analog devices that are tied to their power supplies. Power supplies that had poor recovery issues and there are more of these that many people think.

I used to DJ as a hobby in a past life and I would use an Audaire power amp with a DJ mixer and a DBX expander for added kick to the bass. I know, I know, but this was for a dance remember. If I tried to use a long extension cord I would have to bring in a power conditioner in order for the added draw cause by heavy bass to not interact with the amplifier. So the claim of sound improvement I can definitely agree with. Image improvement on the new digital displays, I'm not sure, although they can't hurt.
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