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Default Re: What is the best Video Calibration disc?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Do you have it in HD?

Did you have any trouble with the menus? I did at first.

I have the NTSC version so I might have to pick up the HD version. CC gave me a calibration disc as part of their extended service plan but the TV has been great right out of the box so I haven't tweeked at it too much yet. Cnet did a review and they posted their optimum settings so I'll plug them in and see how it comes out. This TV has a dramatically better picture than the Sony Bravia XBR that it replaced -I may take advantage of the service contract on the Sony because it has some vertical streaking visable on light backrounds - not bad pixels - looks more like burn-in and LCDs don't burn in. I've been hessitant because I got it at Tweeter and they're in Bankruptcy.

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