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Default Re: what projector for my theater?

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
It is hard to make general statements about projector systems. The screen size is very important to know what gain is needed. The projectors that the OP restricted his question to are not really high output projectors with the JVC at 1,000 lumens. Trying to light up a large screen without a high gain screen will be difficult.
Doc Greene speaking as an ISF Commercial rated calibrator says: You should never have a 178:1 screen size larger than 80 x 45 if if your projector is putting out less than 1500 real ANSI lumens. The reason most people think projection looks bad is that the sxreen size is too large. This means the image is Dim, and color looks washed out and the image looks grainy if you are closer than 8 feet. In reality, a projection system done properly when compared to Plasma or LCD, will be brighter, have better deeper color saturation, more detail with less grain, and comparable black level. On a good projection system you should have to be closer than 24 inches to see any picture detail. (pixels) DLP will outperform LCOS or SXRD (Sony's version of LCOS ) in true resolution, since they are basically analog devices. A 3 chip DLP projector with 1500 or more ANSI lumens is drop dead gorgeous. That being said, the smaller the screen, the better the picture in most cases where the total budget is less than $100,000.00
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