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Talking Re: what projector for my theater?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
If by "room" you mean a room that's got dark/non-reflective surfaces to minimize light reflected back onto the screen, you're right.

Other than keeping light from bouncing back on the screen from other surfaces in the room, there's nothing special about a "room" as far as projection goes (naturally, I hope we don't need to mention the obvious that the room needs to be dark... as in no skylights letting in light Sunday at noon).

As far as screens go, IMO it's a lot less important to pay $$$ on a screen than some might think.

You may be missing some things here. I thought I had seen some good screens until I seen the new Joe Kane signature Da-lite screen. You have not seen 1080P in full resolution until you have seen this screen.

In fact, with today's high-output PJs with good contrast/blacks (like the JVC), you DO NOT WANT a high-gain screen bcs you don't want to hot-spot. YES

Rather, a standard 1.3 gain or even no-gain can look fantastic.PJs, the best thing that the screen can do is provide an even surface that's smoother than your painted wall. and color accuracy, and of course what I said earlier about the Joe Kane Screen.

Whatever your experiences with these other product lines, the JVC projectors are among the best in terms of quality and are among the VERY best in terms of picture quality. I agree, And I have used and owned many JVC products and found them to be reliable. If I did not have the Runco, I would probably buy a JVC.

The RS-series has to be seen to be believed. Not quite as razor-sharp as single-chip DLP, but much better blacks, reds/color, and silky-smooth pictures you can watch for hours without eye strain. Except for absolute black level, they rival the picture of 9" CRT beasts that commanded $60K + just a few short years ago.
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