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Default Re: Does anyone use Marantz or Prontos anymore?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Have you tried the Harmonmy remotes?? I use them for all my systems and have yet to find something they can't control, and they are the easiest to set up of any I've used. I too had been on a quest for the best universal, I started with the Pronto's, Theater Masters, RS Cameleon, Sony.... etc.

Once I bought my Harmony 659 several years ago, I was hooked. I now have their 659,880, and both the 890 and 1000 with RF extenders just so I no longer have to deal with line of sight issues from IR. They work great and with the exception of my 1000 crapping out the other day (Harmony has already mailed me a replacement) I have never had an issue with these remotes in the last four or five years.


I have an 880 but haven't set it up yet. I just got a new Samsung 1080 LCD so this might be the time to try it out to see if it'll work with the Sony receiver - might just be time to upgrade the receiver - it's getting a little old but still works great. I was checking out the 1000 at BB and it looks neat. I get my remotes at - much cheaper than buying local.

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