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Originally Posted by mgfarr View Post
To those of you who do not think the manufactures go to great lengths to get people to notice their tvs, let me tell you what happened when we got my son's new 42" LG hdtv home. We went thru the putting the stand on the bottom, hooked up the satellite connection and turned in on. The very first thing that came up was a menu with the following:

Where will you be using this tv
1. Showroom floor
2. Home use

Guess what happened when we chose showroom floor to see what would happen. That's right, we had a 42" flashlight on own hands. Everything was very bright and the color saturation was turned up. Do not be fooled by what you see up on the wall at Best Buy. You will not want to use that bright and over saturated picture all the time.
I missed the initial turn on of my Samsung (wife and kids turned it on while I was out shopping for an HDMI cable), but from looking at the manual, it does something similar. I haven't yet figured out how to emable it now to see how bad it is. My set came with the base installed. I would bet that the "Show Room Floor" mode would work well in a brightly lit environment such as a restaurant.

I think there is is some kind of demo mode that shows the virtues of the 240 Hz update rate and the processing that smoothes out the motion in the image. I would still sat that the most important thing is how it looks in the "Home use" mode.
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