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Default Re: PurePower Introduces The World’s Most Powerful AC Regenerator For High End AV Sy

Originally Posted by DMD123 View Post
How do the double blind tests "only deal with the facts"? That is almost like your comment of drinking the Kool aid; you are putting your faith in your own abilities and not dealing with real things that can be measured.

Bob has given facts, pull the plug out of the wall and everything sounds the same as plugged in. So if we do a double blind type test of yours and cannot tell the difference - THEN THE PRODUCT MUST WORK!

I own a PurePower unit and I too must have drank the Kool aid because I saw a difference in video quality. I did no research on it and I had no perceived ideas. I was already using an APC H15 which is a power conditioner/filter. Using PurePower which is a power regenerator I saw my cable TV picture improve dramatically.

Just so you know I am not writing to justify my purchase, because I got mine free. It was a contest prize and did not cost me a cent! I could have sold it and made a nice chunk of change, but guess what, it did have benefits that surpassed the APC unit and were visible to the eye.

You have come here attacking the product with no proof of your own. Where are your published papers or test to prove to us that this product does not do what it claims?
I am not attacking anything, it is you that are in attack mode but as you said, you've already drank the kool aid.
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