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Hey, my handle says it all!

Super-tweaked Mitchel GyroDek/Rega RB300/Shure V-15VMR vs. custom-modded Phillips CD-80 with Double Crown S1 16 bit chips and I hear:

Classical, vocal, acoustic and jazz LP's sound more like the music I hear at live concerts. The comparable CD's are nice, but don't sound quite as real, nor do they present the same sense of depth and space of the venue as recorded on the LP.

It's important to note that my comparisons are based on vinyl LP's recorded on analog tape vs. their digitized equivalents on CD's. Digitally recorded and/or mastered LP's don't sound nearly as good to me.

For most of us this question is like discussing politics or religion, so no intent here to prolong the debate: I only state what I hear, with my equipment, in my system.

I've tried multiple mega-expensive CD players and/or DAC combo's and much to the dismay of my relatively local, really excellent dealer (Audio Advice in Raleigh, NC) I still prefer the sound of vinyl.

As always, YMMV, of course.
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