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The people at Best Buy don't have to make adjustments to the tv sets on sale, as the manufacturers already bias the TV's to being overly bright to compete for viewers eyeballs in an already overly bright showroom environment.

I have two LCD sets (a Samsung LCD/LED 52" & a Sony 40" in my bedroom) and a Pioneer 60" plasma. All I am sayimng is that I prefer the Pioneer plasma over my other 2 LCD sets. If someone else likes their LCD set better, then so be it. But the best plasma sets all have much better off-center viewing than all LCD's, which is particularly nice when I am sitting off-center at my computer desk and can still see the plasma picture without fade, which happens with my Samsung downstairs whenI am off-center.

Also, when I am watching a B & W movie the Pioneer plasma renders the grey gradations all the way to black much smoother and better than my Samsung, probably because the Samsung's local dimming on the LED's shut-off on black and can't quite get the smoothness in grey shading to the extent a good plasma can. This is even true in color m,ovies in nightime scenes, where often my Samsung will blur out a face in the shade while I can see the same face in my plasma.

Anyway, it is true that individuals will likely have biases due to their purchases, but even the professional reviewers from CNET, to Ultimate AV, etc. all give the edge to the Pioneers and some of the new Panasonics over the best LCD displays.

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