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Default Re: Looking to upgrade my Receiver

That sounds like great stuff. For me, it is too expensive

-I already have one system made up of separates for music only, in a room where no TV can go

and takes up too much space

- my house isn't very big and the corner cabinet can handle most receivers, but I don't think I have the space or air circulation for most separates, though there will probably be exceptions (that are merely too expensive).

I want something for 5-600 bucks, frankly, though I guess I could go a little higher.

Also, I could use my current Denon AVR-3000 as the amp via analog outputs from ah HDMI preamp- probably not a spouse-friendly solution, though- which remote do I use for volume again? Why is there no sound from the TV? etc. All legitimate questions, even now.

I'm only driving NHT Super Ones and have two powered subs for the "HT", so I don't need massive current from my amp(s). No popcorn machine either, and not likely to be featured in an architectural mag.
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