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Default Re: Looking to upgrade my Receiver

I feel like we need a Wikipedia for all these receivers. The magazines that list all the components available in a given year are often blank in the specs because the companies don't supply them. Then, there are the same codecs implemented in different ways, or so Denon's website implies, since they are listed twice. Even then, not all the boxes are checked in the comparison page on Denon's own website, so the chart doesn't seem to match the text descriptions of the individual receivers. Why does this have to be so confusing (and it causes people to, for example, buy stuff and then report later that it doesn't pass SACD signals properly). The online sites can't keep up with the huge outpouring of new models (no disrespect intended- all of the models often come out at similar times) and the print mags have similar issues. Well, on the other hand, if this is our biggest problem, we are doing OK.
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