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Originally Posted by lhinckley View Post
I spent about an hour in a BestBuy settting up a UN55B8000 in a seated demo area on June 7. The environment was adequate for the purpose, with relatively little interference from glare, etc. BBC Planet Earth was the main demo on a Denon BR.

Overall, the picture is great and my first candidate for purchase.
After a previous look at the white 'x' on a black screen and reading that it could be effectively removed with adjustments, I wanted to see what I could do.

The result? It is possible to remove the glowing 'x' effect by reducing the 'neon sign' demo settings to more accurate ones, albeit with loss of brightness almost down to plasma levels. The mottling of high brightness areas remains, but to a lesser degree also. One artifact does not go away, however. There remains a dark diagonal line at each corner, surrounded by a brighter glow. This is what remains of the 'x' glow of the uneven backlight, and this effect shows up on lots of images with relatively dim corners. It could be eliminated by covering about three inches of the screen edges with a mask, a totally unacceptable solution for obvious reasons.

The glow seems to be the result of the attempt to make the screen surround as small as possible and could likely be greatly reduced in a larger, thicker frame by moving the edge light sources a bit further away. "Thin is in" as one reviewer said, but this one has gone too far.

I'm still not sure whether the compromise is acceptable or whether I should buy a plasma until the blue twist (normal drive 240 hz, 3D slot) displays come out or wait even further (probably not) for the big OLED screens in a couple of years. Both new formats are coming now that announcements have been made about lower cost manufacturing solutions. I want my toy now but the Kuro is questionable from the standpoint of power, price and longevity and the DILA projectors (JVC HD100) a bit impractical and expensive.

Thoughts on this, anyone?
On totally black content I do see some light in the corners also, but I have adjusted most of it out, and my viewing environment is bright enough not to notice it. I have also noticed some light pumping too as the amount of light content on the screen is raised and lowered, using the default settings. The best way to observe this is with scrolling whit text such as end of film credits. As more of the text is scrolled on, the whole body of text brightens, and as it scrolls off the whole body of text darkens. This particular effect is supposed to be eliminated in the 9000 series sets that have a "Local dimming" feature. Both of these artifacts are less objectional to me than the RBG rainbow effects I see every time I look at a DLP, and I was surprised to see in the Kuro plasma. I concur with your power and longivity consens too.

I spent a short time watching a Mitsubishi Laserview that totally blew me away, but the screen size was too small for the current price, and there were just none to be had when I was ready to buy. I'd really like to see that technology applied to a projector.
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