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Default Re: what projector for my theater?

That's true, I forgot about size!

Most digital PJs have adequate brightness to illuminate an 8-foot-wide screen (100" diag) or somewhere in there. Certainly that's true with the JVC. For those looking for unusually large screens... like 15 feet wide + etc, gain will be needed.

What I would stress to those thinking about FP is that you don't need an uber-large screen so long as your viewing angle is already within the 30-degree range. Think of the "1.5 screen widths away" seating distance rule of thumb... if you have a screen that's 8 feet wide, then sit 12 feet away (1.5 x 8 = 12). You get 30 degrees. You don't want to sit proportionally closer (ie, you don't want to sit 12 feet away from a 12 foot wide screen... you'd want to sit 18 feet away from a 12 foot wide screen) as most SD content will look really bad, and you don't want to sit farther bcs you'll lose the benefit of HD resolution and you'll lose the theater-like immersion.

Picking screen-size with FP is NOT like picking the biggest plasma that will fit on your wall or that your wife will let you buy. In the case of FP you're duplicating "theater" and you need to think specifically about seating distance to produce the right viewing angle.

But the main point is that the screen-size isn't important: it's the relative distance you sit from that screen that counts because that's what affects your viewing angle.

Go with more reasonably sized screen (100") and sit closer and you'll get a better image (brighter) than trying to sit farther away from a larger screen that hot-spots with high gain etc.

Now, if the room is an auditorium and you're trying to create seating for 20 people, ok, you need a large screen to work for the far-away seats. But in an average HT with a sofa, 100" is more than enough for the 3 on the sofa plus the extra rank of chairs behind.

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