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Originally Posted by Huff Daddy View Post
They reflect about as heavy as an LCD possibly can. And yes, these "LED" sets are "LCD" sets with LED back lighting in case anyone does not understand that. These are great sets but the have a very glossy coating and they do reflect. The black levels are outstanding for LCD and so is the color.

Unfortunately, Samsung's entry level 720p plasma has a better picture. That is just how it is....sorry to say......

Plasma is still impossible to beat with LED.....LCD....or a PHD......
They do have a glossy coating, but it does not appear as objectionable as I thought it would in my setting. The east wall in my living room is almost completely constructed of full size windows, and a portion of the north is open to a dining area. The set is located on the south facing wall.

I dissagree with your other observations. There was a Samsung plasma sitting immediately to the left of the the LED set I was looking at (I have no idea of the video mode capability), and a Pioneer Kuro at the other end of the same wall. I viewed these on multiple occasions and on every one, the LED looked better - No dull orange tinged reds, and flesh tones were right. and the whites were hot. When any ambient light was added to the mix, it was far and away the best picture. My wife thought so too.

This set is not what I ultimately want for this area, but I believe it to be the best compromise possible at this time. I wish it were larger, and I really wanted a projector. I want a color laser driven one, because those costly bulb replacements and nasty color wheel rainbow effects would drive me nuts.
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